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Eyelash Extensions

 Eyelash extensions: Method when 1 lash extension is applied to 1 natural lash. Designed to give a natural look and comfortable feeling by adding length, volume and creating a style that no mascara or strip lash can do. Lash extensions can be made of synthetic, mink, faux mink, or silk fibers and may last several weeks depending on the growth cycle of the person’s natural lashes. Variety of extension lengths, curl patterns, and tints may be offered to the clients making their procedure super customizable. To maintain the look, appointments are necessary every 2-4 weeks to replace the lashes that have shed or grown out.


 Always Have a Consultation with the artist if you have had:


  • Positive reaction to eyelash extensions

  • Skin disease

  • Skin disorder in the eye area

  • Recent eye surgery

  • Skin trauma in the area: burns, inflammation, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, watery eye or cysts and dry eye syndrome

  • Bacterial infections: Conjunctivitis or pink eye, hordeola or styes, blepharitis, impetigo, viral infection, herpes zoster or shingles, infestations, pediculosis captis, pubus or corporis. Head, pubic or body lice. 


Extension adhesive has an odor, so people with asthma, allergies, sensitivity or who have previously suffered from an adverse reaction to other eye treatment should be advised not to have this treatment.


Post Treatment Care


In order to ensure your new valuable extensions, keep their desired effect for longer, please follow the aftercare instructions.


During the first 24 hours: This is the most crucial stage for ensuring the longevity of your extensions. Do not get your new lashes wet: even steam from the shower can affect the quality of the fresh bond.


24-28 hours: Avoid prolonged contact with water such as swimming.  Avoid any hot and humid environment such as sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. When taking a bath or shower avoid doing so with very hot water.


After 24 hours: Do not use oil-based products on the areas around the eyes, particularly waterproof mascara. If you feel it absolutely necessary to use mascara, it must be water soluble. Be gentle with your new lashes, avoid continuous tugging, rubbing or pulling of them. Do not use mechanical eyelash curlers. If you try to curl your new lashes, they could break off. Only use lint free applicators and lint free makeup remover cloths around the eyes. Avoid using cotton, wool products or towels as they can easily get caught and tug on extensions. Do not tint or perm while wearing eyelash extensions. If you wish to tint your natural lashes, this must be done before application.


Tips: take care when blow drying your hair, as excessive heat may cause the extensions to lose their curl.

Gently comb through your new lashes each morning to maintain a good appearance.


Refills: Each individual eyelash hair has a natural growth cycle. Certain eyelashes may mature and be ready to natural drop out faster than the others. Depending on the person’s natural eyelash growth cycle and care performed, the person may need to refill the lashes every 2-4 weeks to prolong the desired effect of the lashes.


Caution: If an allergic reaction is suspected such as swelling, redness or puffiness, contact your therapist. Eyelash extension adhesives generally contain cyanoacrylate. Never attempt remove yourself.


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